SHAPE Behavior

A behavior management system that works for you

Meaningful Data

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface allows you to drill down, identify trends, monitor programs, and track intervention effectiveness.

No Dual Data Entry

Automated, secure, integration with your student information system saves valuable time and ensures your discipline data always accurate.

Flexible Configuration

One subscription price includes all features of the system. You decide which features should be enabled to meet your specific needs.

Dashboards and Insights

The dynamic interface is designed for fluid and effective analysis of the data most meaningful to practioners. District, school, and student level dashboards are designed to help teams problem solve in a manner that is quick and efficient.

Online Referrals

A simple referral entry screen streamlines the referral process for all staff. Referral fields are customizable to meet your needs and can be used to promote consistent practice with your staff.  

Low level, or minor, referral capture is also supported – a critical element of any effective and preventative Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) model.

Referrals created in SHAPE Behavior can be synchronized with your student information system or used as a simple replacement for paper forms. No dual entry of referral data is required.

Progress Monitoring and Case Management

Designed and field tested by practioners, the case management feature provides interventionists the tools needed to identify students for support then track and monitor the critical information about time in intervention, attendance, responsiveness, overlapping interventions, and student progress.

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All the features

Disproportionality Monitoring

Visual tools for monitoring racial disparities in real time by composition and risk ratios

Progress Monitoring and Case Management

This feature provides Tier II and Tier III practioners an efficient and flexible interface for tracking and monitoring responsiveness to interventions

Early Warning System

Provides schools with a quick and accurate solution for identifying students in need of intervention and support

Multi-year Trend Analysis

Three-year trends for the top 7 behavioral incidents allowing schools to develop targeted proactive plans

Online Referrals

Provides an easy, efficient, and consistent solution for staff to complete referrals on the spot or via mobile device. No dual entry required!

Performance Indicator Monitoring for State Compliance (in development)

This feature allows districts to independently monitor performance indicators for special education making the PIR process efficient and predictable

Student Information System Integration

Automated syncronization with your SIS ensures data is timely and accurate

All Features Included

Your subscription includes access to all features of SHAPE Behavior. Features are added or updated at no additional cost to you