Significant Disproportionality Portfolios

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Significantly Disproportionate?


Since 2010, SHAPE Education has supported LEAs throughout California to identify root causes of disproportionality and mitigate disparate student outcomes.

Our Significant Disproportionality Portfolios are now easier to access and available for LEAs everywhere!


How does it work?

The process is pretty simple. You tell us which reports you want and we tell you which data files we need. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way. If you have a SHAPE partner working with you, we’ll keep them in the loop as well.

Create your portfolio

Tell us which District or Charter you represent. Choose the reports to include in your portfolio. Let us know if you’re working with a partner.

Upload your files

We’ll let you know which data files we need for the reports in your portfolio. Not sure how to get the data? Don’t worry, we have a page that describes what is needed and where to get it.

We’ll process your data

Once you submit the data files, we’ll begin creating the reports in your portfolio. We’ll evaluate your data and let you know if we encounter any errors.

Download your reports

It takes us about two business days to go through your data, generate the reports, and do some spot checking to make sure everything looks correct.

Flexible Billing

Our pricing is straightforward and publicly available. If you’re working with a consultant, in most cases we can even bill through them.

Automated & Secure

Securely transmit your data extracts and we do all of the heavy lifting to generate your Significant Disproportionality Portfolio. You can read about what we do with your data, including how long we’ll keep it, in our Data Use and Privacy policy.

Partners Welcomed

If you are a consultant and would like to offer Significant Disproportionaity Portfolios to your districts, contact us for more information.

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